Mission and Vision


Harwood Farm Trust’s Mission

To ensure that the objects contained in the Deed of Trust are met, thereby ensuring that Miss Arnaboldi’s aspirations are realized.  

These include:

  • to promote the training and education of people in farming and to promote research and education, development and extension in the sciences of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, deer farming, cropping and all other forms of farming activity and of projects relating to the use of land and to productivity;
  • to provide, in particular, training and education in the farming of East Coast hill country within New Zealand;
  • to provide support and assistance for people undertaking agricultural courses at any institution established for that purpose within New Zealand;
  • to establish bursaries, scholarships, funds, grants, prizes, awards, trophies, or memorials;
  • to promote facilities in the Weber district to improve the quality of life of people living in and around that farming district;
  • to assist, support and promote the education and advancement of people indigent or needy and who are, in some way, connected with the East Coast of the North Island, whether in farming or in courses of instruction or careers not related to farming.


Harwood Farm Trust’s Vision

That the Trust will continue and grow for the benefit of:

  • future generations,
  • the farming industry and
  • the Weber district.